List of Some of the Best Dishes Served at AL-KHAN Restaurant

List of Some of the Best Dishes Served at AL-KHAN Restaurant

Continental food is mainly the food eaten in European countries. Continental dishes contain a small number of spices and are cooked with fewer chillies. Fresh basils are used in the recipes. Fresh dairy products are considered an essential ingredient for cooking these dishes, which means that the food is rich and usually high in calories. The less the ingredients put in the food, the best continental food taste people get.

Continental food in Lahore is noted for combining a variety of tastes in one dish, including spicy, sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. The blends of taste that AL-Khan Restaurant has is the kind that makes the eatery experience exceptional.

The restaurant is located in 3 parts of Lahore city. People frequently visit this restaurant as it offers authentic and best Continental dishes prepared using locally sourced vegetables and handpicked fresh ingredients.

AL-Khan Restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Lahore that serves the best continental food at reasonable prices. This restaurant is in service since 1991 and still is one of the best restaurants. They have maintained high culinary standards that are necessary. Following are the best 6 dishes served at AL-Khan Restaurant.

They’re cooking techniques bring a variety of tastes together in a harmonious way.  It is unlike any other eating experience since it pleases both the senses of sight and taste. They also let the customers experience how their favourite cuisines are created. The best continental food is served at Al-Khan restaurant. The menu is detailed enough to help you decide what to have otherwise the waitrons would happily recommend you, to their favourites.

A range of soups, seasonal salads and appetizers are on offer besides main course delicacies like lamb leg roast, afghani pulao, Croghan-e-josh, chicken Mexico, chicken jalapeno, and penne pasta and many other cuisines from the grill, BBQ, Chinese, fast food, and seafood etc.

Some of the best continental dishes served at AL-Khan Restaurant are as follow.


Hummus is the typical Middle Eastern dip made by blending chickpeas with tahini, garlic, and citrus. The consistency of classic hummus given by the chef of AL-Khan is the first sensation: smooth, creamy, nutty, and velvety. Chickpeas are what give the main flavour of hummus. It goes perfectly with other main course dishes so eating it with other dishes makes its taste more delightful.


This dish is somewhat a mixture of Chinese American and Mexican cuisines. Sweet, savoury, and spicy goodness all come together in the tastiest dish in AL-Khan restaurant. It has crispy fried chicken in a thick, sweet, savoury, and spicy jalapeno pepper sauce. This dish is best for spice lovers.


This juicy and tender chicken is bloated with cheese and fried to perfection to give an ultimate fried chicken experience. This dish is a must-try and is enjoyed by kids and adults alike.


This dish is very soothing and is widely loved at AL-Khan restaurant by all age groups. It has freshly fried, hot, crispy white fish fillet and is served with sliced and fried potatoes. the best thing about this is that it’s very light and healthy at the same time.


Chow Mein is one of the most popular dishes at AL-Khan restaurant which everyone loves. Prawn chowmein contains egg noodles stirred and fried with colourful crispy vegetables and prawns tossed in delicious, stir-fried sauce. Despite the age, customers always fall in love with this dish.


Fettuccini Alfredo is AL-KHAN’s number one selling item. It is rich and delicious because their sauce is made with heavy cream, butter, parmesan cheese and some light seasonings. The sauce is stirred with fettuccine pasta and warm tenderized chunks of chicken. This pasta makes the customers the happiest.


The talented chef at AL-KHAN restaurant keeps the pizza crust soft and adds a topping of creamy alfredo sauce made with cream, butter, herbs, tender chicken pieces, rich mozzarella, and flavorful chicken. All the best flavour’s come together to create something undeniably delightful in pizza form. The customers love it, and everyone should give it a try it’s worth it.


“Angry,” the name itself says it all. The customers love this mildly spiced chicken penne arrabbiata which contains tender broiled chicken in a garlicky tomato sauce, garnished with red pepper flakes and chilli. The creamy mozzarella helps in toning down the spice. It would be unfair to go to AL-Khan and not try this.

Apart from the above-mentioned dishes, the menu is filled with a vast variety of delicious and yummiest food items. Through its ambience, food service and hospitality, AL-KHAN Restaurant have never failed to prove itself worthy of appreciation. They have vast experience in delivering great taste in Lahore. During the dining experience, the guests are on a journey of having the best food of their lives. This restaurant is genuinely worth a visit. They have dine-in, take away and home delivery.

In Lahore, to have the best continental food Al-Khan is preferred. There are many reasons to be considered when opting for Al-Khan. Apart from desi food, they have the best continental dishes at reasonable prices. Because of their quality of taste and quantity, Al-Khan is best to be selected for various events and occasions. It is a perfect food place to set any business meetings. As it is said, good food keeps a good mood. Al-Khan is known for its quality, affordable prices, perfect ambience, and food made from organic herbs.

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