Dishes that Make Al khan the Best Restaurant in Lahore

Dishes that Make Al khan the Best Restaurant in Lahore

Al-Khan is a well-known and renowned restaurant in Pakistan. It is one of the Best Restaurants in Lahore. It is known for its excellent quality and unique taste. They have plenty of devoted customers who frequently visit the restaurant. Al-Khan provides a wide range of choices in their restaurant.

What matters the most to customers these days is how the food tastes, along with how it is presented, how it is served, and what kind of view the restaurant gives. These requirements are a challenge for the Best Restaurants in Lahore and are the need of the customers which they have to fulfill to make the experience better for anyone who visits. Along with that, people love enjoying good food in sense of quantity and quality at an affordable price. They offer great seating arrangements and have plenty of capacity to fill in a handful number of people.

Al-Khan enjoys accepting challenges. Their team never compromises on food quality, and the presentation of the food is exceptional, particularly for their continental cuisine. Their unique choice of spices offers a distinctive taste that other spices are unable to provide. The costs of meals, from appetizers to soups, Indian to continental cuisine, and beverages, are reasonable.

Here’s a list of five mouthwatering dishes offered at A-Khan:

Karahi Gosht:

Mutton is a staple ingredient and there are many ways to enjoy it. You should definitely try Al-Khans karahi gosht. It is a must-try dish. The meat that is used to make this karahi is of an outstanding standard. It is finely cooked by experienced chefs. It is not spicy and is simply savory, rich in flavor, and juicy. Each and every one of their recipes are proof of that.

The meal is ideal to pair with some rich buttery naan. It is made in a thick gravy of tomato and onions. Mutton Karahi uses a tiny bit more oil than the original recipes, this only increases the dish’s flavor. This dish contains all the ingredients and spices that make the taste of the karahi stand out but in a decent quantity so that the taste of the mutton is not lost. The cost of half mutton karahi is 1750/- and serves 2 people. The cost of half mutton karahi is 3150/- and serves 5 people.


Chicken Chilly Dry

Al-Khan is known for the magnificent taste they offer in Chinese cuisine. They have a wide range of dishes to choose from. Chinese Chicken Chilly Dry is a must-have at any Pakistani-Chinese restaurant. Green chilies and ginger slices are added after the pan-fried, boneless chicken pieces have been covered in a flavorful sauce.

This meal has an irresistible heat and will satisfy the craving of all spicy food lovers. It is served with egg-fried rice which adds a lot more flavor to the dish and makes it fulfilling. One serving of chicken chilly dry costs 890/- and serves 2 people.

Chicken Biryani

Biryani is the most loved dish in Lahore. It is very popular and is enjoyed as a treat on special occasions. Makin chicken biryani in dum style takes some time and requires some expertise. Al-Khan has expert chefs who are well trained and experienced, so you are in good hands.

Chicken biryani is made by layering chicken curry with precooked rice and topped with freshly cut tomatoes, mint leaves, and fried onions. The biryani isn’t too oily and too spicy and is made with a limited number of spices. The good aroma and taste of this biryani will surprise you. One serving of full chicken biryani costs 590/- and serves 2 people.

Prawn Chow Mein

Finding good quality prawns is a challenge in Pakistan which are fresh too. They are a bit pricy and not offered at a lot of spots in Lahore. Al-Khan offers delicious prawn chow mien at a reasonable price. The noodles are perfectly cooked with the right amount of flavor in prawns.

The prawns are fresh and crispy, well-seasoned, and not too spicy. You cannot keep your hands away from this chow mien when it is served. It is a must-try dish for all the prawn lovers out there. One serving of prawn chow mien costs 990/- and serves 2 people.

Mandi Platter

Al-Khan offers mandi platters that are not an option in many restaurants in Lahore. They have a few different platters made to meet everybody’s choices. The platters are divided into two categories. Troops and mellow which is such a unique way to present it in the menu.

The mellow platter includes chicken, mutton, and a fish bar. b. q which is served with BBQ sauce. The troop’s platters include hummus, mixed BBQ, paratha/naan, and drinks. These platters start from 1990/- to 6490/- and serve from 2 to 4 people.


One of Lahore’s top dining establishments is Al-Khan. Its waiters, chefs, and other staff members put out excellent performances. Customers are treated professionally by them. Additionally, because of their excellent training, the staff presents and serves food with style.

The mandi plate at Al-Khan is presented in a unique way, that to my knowledge, is not duplicated in any other restaurant. It is uncommon to find the delights, thrilling cuisine levels, and joyful moments that Al-Khan offers.  The setting is wonderful. The team behaves in a very humble manner.

Al-Khan is the Best Restaurant in Lahore. It is a spot that is accessible to everyone around the city. All of the meals are offered at a reasonable price. The good news for all devoted Al-Khan patrons is that they will soon accept online orders and deliver food to homes. So, even if you are too lazy to think about meals, Al-Khan will arrange for great food to be delivered right to your house. They have provided their phone numbers in case anyone has any questions or wants to make a reservation before going to the restaurant.

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