Top 5 Continental Dishes that must try at Al Khan Restaurant

Top 5 Continental Dishes that must try at Al Khan Restaurant

Al-Khan is a desi and continental cuisine mix restaurant based in Lahore. It has two branches running successfully. It has extended its tree branches into restaurants, kitchens, and catering service providers. Al-Khan’s desi and traditional food are the most ordered, but their continental food is also most liked by the visitors. Al-Khan delivers the same taste that the people of Lahore look for. The residents of Lahore are famous for street food, as mentioned earlier.

So, if food is not served the right way, means the Lahoris are not served well. Lahore is a place visited for the best restaurants serving quality tasty food and its historical places. The historical places of Lahore leave the tourists and other visitors astonished by the fine architecture of these beautiful places like Lahore Fort, Masjid Wazir Khan, Badshahi Mosque, etc. Where these historical places leave people amazed, the restaurants also leave no choice of enabling people to be amazed.

Ambiance and Presentation

The restaurants now focus on their food taste along with its presentation, the way it is served, and also the view that restaurant offers is what matters most to people these days. As people now have to post everything on social media, these things brought challenges for restaurants too.

Al-Khan likes to have challenges accepted. They never compromise on the quality of food being served, their staff is trained in that way, and the presentation of food is remarkable, especially for their continental cuisine. Their roasted spices and organic herbs give a different taste to the food which other spices fail to give. If we list the pricing of food from starters to soups, desi to continental food, and beverages their prices are affordable. As usually compared to other restaurants, Al-Khan can be opted for having family gatherings, friends get together, birthday treats, etc. with friends and colleagues.

Now let’s dig into Al-Khan’s menu and pick some of the best dishes in the restaurant. Al-Khan serves continental, Chinese, BBQ, and fast food.

Mandi Platter

Al-Khan Mandi Platter is the best platter which is rare to be found anywhere in Lahore. The Mandi Platter price starts from Rs, 2780 to Rs, 10990. This platter is enough for a complete family. The platter includes Afghani pulao, chicken malai boti, tawa fish, chicken boti, chappali kabab, mint sauce, mandi sauce, mutton joints, and mutton chops. It is one of the finest platters which gives a different taste, and it is served in a unique style. For family gatherings and small get-togethers, this platter is a must to be ordered. It serves as so full that along with this platter there would be no need to order more dishes.

Mix Grill Platter

Al Khan’s mixed grill platter has two categories they are mellow and troops. The price range for mellows is starting from Rs, 1850 to Rs, 3990. Whereas the price list for troops is Rs, 3150 to Rs, 5900 only. All the BBQ items are added to these platters. They give a unique and different taste for the BBQ items, that once tasted every time people would opt for.


Al Khan’s handis are delicious and most liked by the visitors. When tourists visit and get to have these dishes, they leave them surprising. Al-Khan’s handi dishes are so delicious and mouth-watering, that they give enough quantity that can be served to 4-5 people easily. Their handi menu includes chicken and mutton options. Some of the dishes are served in a butter, while some are roasted. The price range for their mutton handi is starting from Rs, 2090 – 2490. Whereas the price range for other dishes starts from Rs, 1295 – Rs, 1750 only.

Chinese Food

Apart from the mandi platters, and continental and traditional food, Chinese food is the most adored by the people in Pakistan. Al-Khan’s Chinese menu gives exactly the taste that people expect in Chinese food. From Chicken fried rice to chicken Chowmein, and Manchurian they deliver the same taste with no extra spices or sweetness added to the dishes.

Mutton Dishes

Last but not the least, the Mutton dishes of Al-Khan are a heavenly treat for the taste buds. Their mutton dishes are cooked in different ways, the mutton is evenly cooked and served with enough gravy. They give enough quantity to be served for a family. The price range for Mutton dishes like Mutton Handi, Mutton Gosht, and all mutton dishes listed on the menu are affordable.

Why Al Khan?

Al-Khan is among the best restaurants in Lahore. It delivers remarkable performance by its chef, waiters, and other staff. They handle customers with professionality. Also, the staff is trained so well, that they present and serve dishes elegantly. Al-Khan’s mandi platter is served in a different style, which I don’t think so is served in any other restaurant the same way. The pleasures and exciting levels of food and moment of joy that Al-Khan serves are rare to be experienced at any other restaurant. The ambiance is great. The staff handles everything with great humbleness. Hospitality is through what Al-Khan welcomes its customers and they come for it again. It is not only the matter of continental cuisine or traditional food that matters but it could also be found anywhere else. But the quality taste and mouth-watering smell of the food at a reasonable price cannot be found anywhere else.

To have continental food, in Pakistan is no more difficult. But to have great taste is difficult. Before visiting a restaurant, people go through its reviews and ratings. Al-Khan is a place that can be visited blindly. They offer affordable prices for all the dishes, soups, starters, beverages, drinks, and side orders. The exciting news for Al-Khan’s loyal customers is that soon they will be taking online orders and will be delivering food at home. So, it would just be a thing to think of food, even if you are lazy enough, Al-Khan will make the delicious food come to your doorstep. In terms of any queries or reservations before visiting the restaurant, they have given their numbers which can be contacted.

Al-Khan is a place once visited, people would want to go again. Al-Khan serves customers and treats them just like their family members. If one would look for affordable prices and think of money not being wasted, then Al-Khan is the right place to be visited.

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